Association Responsibility

  • Private Street maintenance, if applicable
  • Parking of Vehicles as specified in CC&R’s
  • Common Area maintenance including association fencing
  • Common Area signage
  • Political Signage on private property
  • Common Area or other association-controlled lighting
  • Architectural modifications to exterior of owner properties as regulated by CC&R’s
  • Storage and placement of trash receptacles for collection by city or private contractors
  • American Flags of standard size may be displayed, as protected by federal statute.
  • All other flags as regulated by CC&R’s.
  • Pets, if regulations are specified in CC&R’s

City Responsibility

  • Public street maintenance including curbs, drainage and traffic enforcement
  • Parking Enforcement on public thoroughfares including alleyways
  • Public parks and recreation areas
  • Signage regulated by city ordinances
  • Public lighting, such as street lights
  • Issuance of building permits: When to obtain a permit
  • Trash collection if provided by municipal services
  • Landscape watering rules
  • Neighbor disturbances
  • Animal Control Services and matters regulated by city ordinances such as leash laws, noise/disturbing the peace and picking up pet waste
  • Electric and watering in public parks
  • Illegal business operations
  • Health hazards

These are general guidelines that are typical of many owners’ associations. Please refer to your association’s CC&R’s and your city’s website for regulations specific to your community.