Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association (CANA) Needs Your Support to Ensure Our Future

Dues are $25 per year per household. Year begins on date that you donate online or date your check is received by our Treasurer.

Some of the things your dues pay for:

  • Please refer to your statement for the current amount due and the due date.

  • Be sure to choose a day and month prior to your due date, and the correct frequency of your assessment or you may be assessed late fees.

  • If your assessment billing changes you must go online and change the amount that you previously authorized to be deducted from your bank account or credit card to the current assessment amount.


We really are LUCKY to live in the Claremont Addition! It is one of the more desirable and affordable neighborhoods in Dallas. Our neighborhood association does not “just happen.” It takes volunteers and donations to keep the Claremont Addition a top-notch community where people want to live! With more than 600 homes, we can keep our Claremont Addition Neighborhood Association (CANA) annual dues low if everyone contributes. Preferably, dues should be paid beginning of every year, in January or February. If you pay your dues early in the year, you will help the CANA Board as they plan the upcoming year’s finances and budget. Of course, you can join anytime, and you will be a paid member for the next year, starting on the date you paid. For example, if you join CANA on July 4, 2022, your membership will not expire until July 4, 2023.

CANA Yearly Due
Dues Recurring Yearly Certified

CANA Membership Dues – New Members and Renewals

Please contribute, please volunteer, please be part of CANA. You can make a difference!

Pay homeowner dues with PayPal or by check. Additional donations of any amount are also appreciated.

Pay by check:

Please make checks payable to CANA and mail to:

c/o Joyce Smith, CANA Treasurer
8235 Claremont Drive